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Week 11A - Newsletters

Email marketing seems to be one of the best marketing tools in use according to the lecture.  Newsletters are important for many businesses, especially those that have consistent new products or services to offer.  Publicly traded businesses need constant updates to keep stockholders and the general public informed of certain business data.  Bands almost always capture emails at their concerts to connect with fans and keep them informed. 
LCF will benefit from email marketing and will capture emails from live shows, websites, and social media engagement.  Newsletters won't be the first option for emailing our fan base, however we will use a similar idea to send updates and new releases.  I suppose we could call it a musical newsletter, since the idea of sending updates and band information is the same as newsletters sent by other businesses.  An email with band information, tour dates, new merch, new music or videos, and industry news could be sent once or twice a month, depending …

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